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cinnamon rolls vs flying raccoons

(1) dekes of hazzard vs (8) all pucked up

(2) vegas vs (7) half pints

(3) slightly damaged vs (6) Dixie Wrecked

(4) floor lords vs (5) pieced together

Tuesday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer

freezing our kuznutov (red) VS sticking around (black)

no regretzkys (blue) VS reunited (yellow)

super zeroes (green) vs RPM (black)

super zeroes (green) vs toronto predators (purple)

(2) pink raiders vs (7) puck off

(3) hockey liberation front vs (6) tonys still gone

(4) beecroft ballers vs (5) tofu superior

Thursday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer

maulin’ ballers (orange) VS stan the man (blue)

team mikey (pink) VS everybody hates raymond (black)


slightly damaged vs all pucked up

(1) dekes of hazzard vs (6) dixie wrecked

(2) vegas vs (5) pieced together

half pints vs flying raccoons

floor lords vs cinnamon rolls

Tuesday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer

(1) reunited vs (4) no regretzky

(2) freezing out kuznutov vs (3) sticking around

(2) RPM vs (3) toronto predators

FINALS – (1) super zeroes vs winner for game 1

hockey liberation front vs tofu superior

(1) mcfluerys vs (6) tonys finally gone

(2) pink raiders vs (4) beecroft ballers

puck off vs pink raiders

Thursday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer

GAME 1 – (1) everybody hates raymond vs (4) maulin’ ballers

GAME 2 – (2) team mikey vs (3) stan the man

FINALS – winner of game 1 vs winner of game 2


slightly damaged vs floor lords

FINALS – (1) dekes of hazzard vs (5) pieced together

vegas vs dixie wrecked

cinnamon rolls vs half pints

all pucked up vs flying raccoons

Tuesday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer

sticking around vs no regretzky

FINALS – (1) reunited vs (2) freezing our kuznutov

pink raiders vs tofu superior

FINALS – (1) mcfluerys vs (4) beecroft ballers

hockey liberation front vs puck off

Thursday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer





Tuesday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer


Thursday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer

coed drop in ball hockey – plastic sticks


flying raccoons (black) vs sticking together (black)

vegas (yellow) vs slightly damaged (black)

all pucked up (blue) vs cinnamon rolls (red)

half pints (purple) vs pieced together (blue)

pieced together (blue) vs floor lords (pink)

Tuesday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer

super zeroes vs planthers

super zeroes vs misfits players

HLF (blue) vs reunited (yellow)

beecroft ballers (green) vs pink raiders (pink)

tofu superior (yellow) vs puck off (maroon)

no frills (black) vs puck off (maroon)

Thursday – Drop in Futsal/Soccer

maulin ballers vs team mikey

stan the man vs everybody hates raymond

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